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Worldie‘s domain was finally obtained February 19th, 2018.

However, I’ve wanted that name since about April 2016.  This is a huge victory, since the name was a huge set-back for customers. I’m also very glad that no one beat me to the punch. In some ways, maybe when people don’t believe in your capabilities, they underestimate you, and so I am glad for that partially.

This social network is one which I’ve wanted – and seen as needed – for a very long time. Years. It will be “Free Speech and All-In-One.” Daily, I see people complain about Facebook. In fact, I recently saw an article (not only 1st person accounts) of censorship and political bias for elites from WIRED, a technology-based publication, with a timeline starting in 2007. Basically, these sites started full throttle toward censorship.

Many people incorrectly think if a site uses a “social media or networking FRAMEWORK” that it is a “clone.” Not at all. Although my developer made somewhat of a clone before, called Firmbell (which sadly no longer exists, and I don’t know why), which made me know 100% that he knew what he was doing, our website is very different.

Imagine going to every e-commerce site or blog and saying “that’s a clone.” No, it is using the framework of that communication style. Further, my team is great in that they also make their own design, as I also give mine. This is a great combination! Moreover, many websites today, even article based, use the social icons.

People have been very hostile to the idea, starting from the very beginning. Further, what is interesting is that this “never-ending” oligopoly is completely imaginary. It isn’t like manufacturing, or utility companies, or even major drinks. Manufacturing and utilities have high barriers of entry, while online it is merely development which definitely – mind you – won’t be wasted like these people getting millions thrown at them for, what again? Drinks are nearly all the same, so that is why entry would be difficult. Here, I’m just saying combine different styles around a framework, and I get a lot of hostility.

I actually want to know what people want, but it better be to improve. However, I get almost ZERO feedback from anyone. In fact, if I get any, often it’s regressive. That’s fine too – but I do solicit if something, a particular idea, is “good or not,” or well, try to.

Our network base will skew older at first, I think, since well, I guess the millennials want censorship and the reception in this area, and CSUC, has been bad from the very beginning. Further, I thought of it before I knew of Minds, Gab, or even Discord. However, a year later after experience from a bad scamming company, I went back and made a far better plan. I understand it far better now. There’s talent here. The other promotions should appeal to markets.

We’re doing it – despite detractors. See us soon!


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