TaftBiz oversees the development of Worldie.com, Motivationology, Hero Motivators, and other business or charitable start ups which seek to change society, one step at a time. TaftBiz and its overseen initiatives aims to never be a corporation, and will always be privately owned. TaftBiz’s organizations pioneer solutions, innovation, and ideas.


Worldie will be a social network marketplace with social media. A combo of all-in-one, its management under TaftBiz’s founder will make it different from the social media giants. It will be an alternative, aimed to being for free speech, political neutrality, and independence from governments. Small business is at the heart of TaftBiz.


Motivationology propels these ideas with a theory around motivation, self-fulfillment, resilience, and externalization. Hero Motivators aims to one day be a direct help network and a motivator system. With charity in mind and social entrepreneurship, these start ups aim to benefit anyone who comes in contact with them and to educate.


These are only beginnings! With a different management style with integrity, TaftBiz will be an organization which you can trust. Progress and change is coming!

Social Media

Worldie is the new social media & networking platform for all.


Hero Motivators is the first charity under TaftBiz as a direct help network and motivator system.

E-Commerce/Social Marketplaces

Worldie will have e-commerce with user stores and more social marketplaces are planned with rideshare, roombook, and crowdfund.

Start Ups

TaftBiz specializes in start ups which look for solutions, opportunity, and possibilities.

New Ideas & Theories

Motivationology is the theory under TaftBiz. Upon this, all start-ups and organizations under TaftBiz will have new ideas and innovation.

5-Star Support

Start-ups, organizations, businesses, and charities under TaftBiz value feedback, constructive criticism, and genuinely value giving back to society and customers.

Founder & CEO

Christina Taft is the founder and CEO of TaftBiz. Christina is a resilient innovator who is pursuing Business Administration: Management at California State University, Chico. Always a dreamer with ideas, she focuses her free time on founding, and building initiatives.