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The final milestone is deposited for #Worldie‘s phase 1, but I’ve paid more for improvements (and done them) before that.

There are still more to do as I try to create it for you, with these great freelancers.

For example, there’s cleanup to do for posts in feed, so that categories & tags don’t show if not filled in, and I haven’t scheduled that yet. There’s an entire improvement estimate which is “large” compared to the main module estimates. There’s still more to do…

I wish people were supportive. However, we can think of Social Media 2.0 all the back to 2016 and earlier. It means combining multiple platform models into one. The worries are if it is too large for applications, but we will get there.

Considering that FB has BILLIONS (or trillions) of pages, yet it fits into an application, maybe there’s nothing to worry about with a too large of an application. Maybe what loads alone is just the pages that they look at.

This team is great too, with giving MORE SUGGESTIONS as well! I am so glad, because every person I’ve talked to (including audiences) are SILENT about IMPROVEMENTS.

If they talk to me, it is often to try to be regressive. For example, I showed you that I had to define Free Speech (tho TBH I had thought of doing it before).

I had the previous temporary name criticized (though I chose THIS name back in 2016 – I only didn’t want to spend for the domain name back then).

The planning and everything for Worldie was also highly improved on because of other website failures, and general exploring/thinking. It is far better now and will continue to improve.

We hope that “#DeleteFacebook” doesn’t always have to be forgotten every single time…

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